Saving Amy Rewrite

TW: Suicide

This is a rewrite of Saving Amy by Brantley Gilbert. Anxiety can sometimes get you to be so down about your problems that it can lead you to these thoughts. While I’m not actively suicidal that doesn’t stop some of these thoughts from still coming when things are really dark. This rewrite is based on some of the darkest thoughts anxiety can give you. As the Trigger Warning states this is a dark rewrite and could be potentially triggering to some people.

If you would like to listen a long here is a link

Would they find the letters I wrote
And keep my picture in a frame
After a year they might let go
And life would be the same
If I just did it one night if I just let go
And ended things forever in hopes of going home
If I never made it home one night
Would a part of someone die too?
They need not go lose their mind
It’s not worth it this is true
No one would need to go crazy and scream out my name
And would anyone come save me
To get through this I’d do anything

To get the tears out off my face
And realize everything’s okay
Feel my heartbeat going fine
And not lose all my time
Oh but God please help
You know I can’t keep living this way
Is it too late for saving me?
If there’s still hope please come and get me

When three years go by
And they’re living life
Would they remember me sometimes?
I’m sure they’d be alright
Without me being there
They were in my heart and my dreams
I thought of them forever when I did it I miss them but will they miss me?

And now the tears fall from my face
As nothing ever feels okay
I feel my heart pick up the pace
How fast this time goes
But oh God you know I can’t
I can’t keep living this way
If there’s still hope for saving me
Please come now and rescue me

God, kiss the tears off of my face
One day walk me through your gates
Calm my heartbeat in good time
Show me that I can be fine
God I thank you for everyday
Restore my every ounce of faith
And come back now and rescue me

I wish somebody would save me
me, save me
I wish somebody would save me
Come and save me
I wish somebody would save me
Come and save me x3
Save me
I wish somebody would come save me


Hallelujah Rewrite

This is a rewrite of The really famous song Hallelujah. It’s another song I’ve done from a Christian perspective and really describes my experience well.

Now I have ways in my mind stored
That when I get anxious their help afford
But you probably don’t know the crucial one do you?
I get attacks a fourth a fifth
And by the time I get a sixth
I realize that I’ve forgotten Hallelujah

Hallelujah x4

My faith’s not strong I need proof
When my anxiety goes through the roof
I feel useless like it overthrew me
Feels like I’m tied to a kitchen chair
It breaks my throne and it cuts me down
Yet from my lips it draws Hallelujah

Hallelujah x4

I realize that I always feel the same
And in my issues I forgot your name
And when it gets bad well really I remember
There’s a blaze of light in your Word
And I will bow when it is heard
And I come to you with broken Hallelujah

Hallelujah x4

I do my best doesn’t feel like much
I can’t feel I’ve gone numb and such
You tell the truth and I can’t fool you
And even though my life’s gone wrong
I’ll stand before the Lord in song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

Hallelujah x17

Falling Slowly Rewrite 

This is a rewrite of Falling Slowly from the Broadway musical Once. This was inspired by anxiety in general and the feelings of just wanting to get better.

I don’t know this
And I don’t want it
Anymore at all
Words fall through me
They always fool me
And I overreact
And plans that never amount
When they had been thought through
Will always disappoint

I’m a sinking boat please point me home
While there’s still time
Raise a hopeful voice that there’s a chance
I’ll make it out

Falling slowly I’m so lonely
And I can’t go back
Moods just take me and erase me
And my mind attacks
Have I suffered enough?
If I’m at war with myself
How can I ever win?

I’m a sinking boat please point me home
Is there still time?
Lend a hopeful voice do I have a choice
To make it out

Falling slowly but if you catch me
I can be okay