Let’s Hurt Tonight Rewrite

This is a rewrite of Let’s Hurt Tonight by One Republic. This inspired by the feelings of a bad night and that sinking, spiraling felling that happens when things get bad.

When, when I come home
Worn to the bones
I know when things start to get rough
And when, when I am off which happens a lot
It feels like no one comes and I’ve had enough

Oh I know that anxiety is pain
But I can’t stop this forward chain no

So I’ll hit the lights and I’ll lock the doors
I ain’t leaving this room can’t feel anymore
Wish I could leave this behind and myself surprise
But I just feel this pain let me hurt tonight

When when I get down
All I can do is frown
And everything I do is rough

Now I’m just feeling insane
This hurt can’t be explained

Just let me hit the lights and lock the doors
And I don’t care if I just get ignored
If I told someone would they roll their eyes?
All I feel is this pain let me hurt tonight
Why do I feel this pain why do I hurt tonight?

I want to hit the lights and lock all the doors
But is it really good if I just am ignored?
Should I walk away try to surprise?
Can I leave behind this pain and go out tonight?
Can I leave this pain and live a normal life?