Another Try Rewrite

This is a rewrite of Another Try by Josh Turner. This one is a bit darker and shows just how bad anxiety can make a person feel.

Here’s a link to the original song if you want to watch it

All the things I said and shouldn’t have
All the times I was stressed with no one there
The tears I’ve let fall
From my eyes and I was anxious
But it was out of sight

The reasons I’m alone I know by heart
Just let me sit here in the dark
Anxiety makes me wish away my life
Am I ever going to get another try?

There’s no changing things I regret
The best that I can hope for is one more chance
Anxiety makes me want to move in reverse
And fix the big mistake I feel that is my life

This anxiety I feel I know by heart
But do I want to spend forever in the dark?
Is it worth hanging on for dear life?
Will I ever now get another try?

The reasons I’m alone I know by heart
I don’t wanna spend forever in the dark
I swear next time I’ll hang on for dear life
If life ever gives me another try