Falling Slowly Rewrite

Even when things are okay and I’m actually happy this illness still lingers on in the background. And that’s what this next rewrite is about. If you want to listen a long you can do so here. https://youtu.be/4LGavEmg6Xs

You don’t notice; I want you to
All the more for that
Words come easy I even fool me
Yet I can’t relax
And words that never amount
To more than they’re meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice, show I have a choice
And I’ll make it out

Falling slowly eyes that know me
And I can’t go back
Moods that take me and erase me
Even when things are on track
I have suffered enough
And warred with myself
How will I know I won?

Take this sinking boat and point it home
Even when I seem fine
Raise your hopeful voice I have a choice
To make it out

Falling slowly, but I can stop me
I’ll sing along

I’ll be fine

I played my cards too late

All’s not gone


Better Man Rewrite

This is rewrite of Better Man by Little Big Town and is about feeling low, worthless, a burden to friends, and not good enough.
Here’s a link to the original song if you wish to listen a long. Please share if you enjoyed!

I know I’m probably better off on my own
Than being a burden on those who don’t know anxiety and that I have it
And I know the permanent damage it’s done to me
Never again I wish I could forget that I have it

I wish it wasn’t 2 am rolling in my bed
Saying to myself you know you’re not worth it
I know the bravest thing I ever did was talk

Sometimes in the middle of the night I feel it again
I get nervous and I just wish I were a better man
And I know I do my best and try but I need someone’s hand
But I stay silent and I just wish I were a better man
A better man

I know I’m probably better off all alone
Than needing someone to give me all of the answers
And it’s always on my terms I spit out so many careless words
Begging for help but not noticing what to them it’s doing

There’s some jealousy and some anger now
Just talk down to me it’s what I deserve I’ve found
Why don’t you push me away after everything I’ve done?
Maybe I’m not really done


Sometimes in the middle of the night I feel it again
I get nervous and I just wish I were a better man
And I know I do my best and try but I need someone’s hand
But I stay silent and I just wish I were a better man
A better man

Can I hold onto my pride? But that I don’t even have
And you give me my best and we all know I can’t say that
I can’t say that
I wish I were a better man
I wonder if that I can become
Can I be a better man?
Can I deserve to love?
If I am a better man
Maybe I can meet the one
If I am a better man

Sometimes in the middle of the night I’m upset again
And I’m sick of this and I just wish I were a better man
And I know why things can go awry like the back of my hand
And I want life and I want myself to be a better man

What might come for me next if I were a better man
A Better man.

Stay Rewrite

This is a rewrite of Stay by the country band Sugarland. It’s written as if it’s a question to the anxiety and asking why it stays. If you want to follow a long here’sa link https://youtu.be/zPG1n1B0Ydw

I’ve been sitting here staring
At the clock on the wall
And I been laying here praying
Praying this will go
Once again I feel alone
I feel like everyone’s gone
And I sit hear crying
And I keep beggin anxiety
I beg it just to leave
And I sit hear waiting
For this pain to alieve
Everytime it happens here
Feels like a million years
And I think I’m dying

What do I have to I have to do to make you see.
I have problems loving me?

Why do you stay?
I’m down on my knees
I’m so tired of being lonely
Who can give me what I need?
Who do I call to make you go?
There is one thing you should know
I can’t live this way
So anxiety why do you stay?

They keep telling me now that
There will come a time
When you will leave my heart
And I can have my time
But I dont know that’s the truth
And I don’t like being used
And I’m tired of waiting
It’s too much pain to have to bear
With who this pain can I share?

Why do you stay?
I’m down on my knees
I’m so tired of being lonely
What is it that you need?
Can I call you just to go?
There is one thing you should know?
I cannot live this way
Anxiety why do you stay?

I can’t take it any longer
But my will is getting stronger
And I think I know just what I have to do
Do I waste all my minutes?
What do I need to put in it?
I need to find some rest
But what resting can I do?
Yet next time I find
I’m anxious what will I do this time?

Why do you stay?
I’m up off my knees
I’m so tired of being lonely
Worry doesn’t give me what I need
When I beg you to now go
There is one thing you should know
I refuse to live this way
I won’t let you stay.

Michael in the Bathroom Rewrite

This is a bit of an obscure one but the song works really well for anxiety. This is a Rewrite of Michael in the Bathroom from the Off Broadway yet weirdly famous musical Be More Chill. I hope you enjoy. Please share if you do. Here’s a link if you want to listen a long. https://youtu.be/PwB1tzVtjTU

I am hanging in the bathroom at times when I cant stop freaking out
I could stay right here or disappear and nobody’d even notice at all

I’m sitting in a bathroom cause my axiety makes me feel alone
But I’d rather fake pee than stand awkardly and have to face them on my own

Everything felt fine I used to not feel like no one cared
Now through no fault of mine,there’s a ton of panic there

Now I’m just sitting in the bathroom,
Sitting in the bathroom all anxious
Forget how long it’s been
I’m sitting in the bathroom, sitting in the bathroom, someone stop this
No you can’t come in
I’m waiting it out til I’m able to breathe
And picking up my pieces as I quietly grieve
There’s so many people who don’t know
Feels I’m flyin solo sitting in the bathroom by myself
All by myself

I am hiding but fears still there, Can only take one thing at a time
Can my problems get erased and get replaced with a newer better version of me
And I hear the radio that is now playing Whitney through the door- I wanna dance with somebody!
And my feelings sink cause it makes me think there’s nothing worth dancing for anymore

Now I’m just sitting in the bathroom
Sitting in the bathroom all anxious
I can’t face my fears
Sitting in the bathroom, sitting in the bathroom all anxious
As I choke back the tears
I’ll wait as long as I need until my face is dry
Or I’ll just blame it on the dust or something in my eye
There’s just so many who don’t know
I’m just flying solo
Sitting in the bathroom by myself

Knock knock knock knock
Does anyone care enough to
Knock knock knock knock
And ask if I’ll be out soon
Knock knock knock knock
It sucks that I feel all alone
Knock knock knock knock
Here in my mind that’s a battle zone
Clang clang clang clang
I feel the pressure blowing up
Bang bang bang bang
My mistakes are showing up
Splash splash splash splash
I throw some water in my face
And I am in a better place
I go to open up the door
I’m not quite as anxious anymore

But I can’t help but yearn
For a different time
When I can look in the mirror
And the present is clearer
And there’s no denying I’m just-

Is there a sadder sight than
I was in the bathroom and anxious
This was a heinous sight
I wish I’d stayed at home to watch TV more
But I came here instead
And I felt forlorn
I feel lonely and a loner
All alone in the corner
Is there hope for me yet?
My life will get better yet
Now I’m flyin solo
Who should I let know?
So I’m not in the bathroom by myself
Not by myself
Not by myself
If I told them more than just my name
First steps
Could be glad I came

All Too Well Rewrite

——–Content Warning——-
This song was not written in a positive light and is quite depressive. It would be best not to be read if your mind is not in a good place

Trigger Warning: Suicide

This is a rewrite of All Too Well by Taylor Swift. The sound of this song really captures some of my feelings so I also changed the lyrics to do so. Once you’vehad a mental illness you remember it all too well and when certain feelings return you know them all too well. That’s what this song is about and what the repitition of all too well touches on.

I woke up this morning and my mind was cold
But something bout it felt like home somehow and I
Kinda got used to this mindset all freaked out
I had some good weeks but upset again now
Oh my calm disposition
And my wide eyed gaze
I’m crying in my car feeling lost
All day
The autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place
I hope this season is better than my last days

Happiness long gone and my
Magic’s not here no more
I might feel okay but I’m not fine at all

Cause there I am again anxious walking down the street
Thinking there’s nothing good here left for me
Why should I care if I’m there I remember things all too well

Photos of the past
My cheeks were turning red
I used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed
And my mother told stories and I’d watch the ball game
Now Im thinking about my past thinking where is my future

Feels like it’s long gone and there is nothing else I can do
I forget why I’m staying strong enough and forget why I need to

Cause here I am again in the middle of the night
My brain waking up and engaging me in a fight
Do I care? I am here. I remember it all too well, yeah

Maybe I got lost in translation
Maybe I didn’t try enough
But I don’t feel like a masterpiece
I’ve been torn all up
Running scared do I care? I remember things all too well
Anxiety comes up again and breaks me like a promise
So casually cruel what’s the point in being honest
I’m a crumpled piece of paper lying here
Cause no one remembers all too well

Time will fly and I’m paralyzed by it
I’d like to be my old self again
But I’m still trying to find it
After stressed out days and nights when
I was on my own
People suffer from this why do I walk alone?
Feels like I’m back in that very first week
When I was first anxious and felt up the creek
You can’t get rid of this and I
Remember it all too well

Because here we are again and I
Have another
Seems like this illness is the one real thing I’ve ever known
Do you care? If I’m not there? I know it all too well

Do they care? I’m aware I remember it all
Down the stairs I am there I remember it all
It’s not rare do I care I remember it all too well

Still Hurting Rewrite

This is a rewrite of Still Hurting from the musical The Last Five Years. Save Myself is still coming but this summarises how I sometimes feel still really well.

If you would like to listen to it here is a link. https://youtu.be/6zmmH_8ha28

When is this over when is it gone?
When will anxiety decide to move on?
There are my dreams how can I build upon
When I’m still hurting

I feel like I’m at the end of the line
What do I do with these problems of mine?
How long until I feel just fine?
And I’m still hurting

Should I lie about anxiety?
What about things
That I really want to do?
What happens now to me?
What about me?

It feels like something wonderful died
Where is my old life getting it back I’ve tried
Not many people I’ve tried to confide
And I’m still hurting

Go and hide and run away
Run away is there anything better?
Go and store my problems away
And pretend like it’s simple
Like I’m alright

Give me a day now to
Be better and try
Recover from my falls
Maybe I’ll see
How they could be
So certain that I
Will one day stand tall

Anxiety’s not over where can I turn?
Covered with scars I did nothing to earn
Maybe there’s somewhere a lesson to learn
But that wouldn’t change the fact
I can learn from the past
And fix my foundations cracks
But I’m Still Hurting

Happier Rewrite

This is a rewrite of Happier by Ed Sheeran. This was inspired mostly by the depressive feelings that can come with anxiety and wanting to be “Happier.” Also watch for a song tomorrow that will almost be a sequel to this. It’s another Ed Sheeran song.

Working at the store tonight
Another attack I need to fight
Been a month since I had one
I’ve been happier
Want to walk it off again now
Please say something to make me laugh
A long time between smiles I sometimes go
I wish I was happier I do

Ain’t nobody hurt me like I hurt me
I need someone to love me now I do
People forget I dont make it personal now I
I’m trying to move on and start new

Cause I wish I was happier I do
I go numb and I can’t feel it too
And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth
I used to be happier it’s true

Sit in the corner of a room
Because I’m panicking can’t move
Nursing a hurting mind now and telling myself
I could be happier why aren’t you?

Oh ain’t nobody hurt me like I hurt me
And I’m lost don’t know what to do
I know that there’s others and this they’ve gone through
But it doesn’t feel like I can do it too

Will I ever be happier me too?
My friends say one day it will be true
For now I smile to hide the truth
I guess I could be happier it’s true

Maybe I could be happier it’s true
I know I might fall for someone too
But for now I need to find the truth
And know I can be okay on my own it’s true